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Thank you for taking the time to visit the Vodafone Next Generation Services (VNGS) Online Portal and reviewing our Legal Disclaimer. VNGS provides this site as a service to all of its valid Customers. By successfully logging onto the VNGS Online Portal, you agree to the terms and conditions contained in this disclaimer, and that you are a valid Customer.

Disclaimer of Liability:

In preparation of this site, every effort has been made to offer the most current, correct, and clearly expressed information possible. Nevertheless, inadvertent errors in information may occur and information may become dated. In particular but without limiting anything stated herein, VNGS disclaims any responsibility for typographical errors and accuracy or timeliness of the information that may be contained on the VNGS’s Online Portal and/or associated documents. VNGS also reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice.

VNGS makes no warranties or representations whatsoever regarding the quality, content, completeness, or adequacy of such information and data. In any situation the information held within VNGS systems and documents takes precedence over information displayed on the Online Portal. If you believe there is a discrepancy, or you would like to check information displayed on the Online Portal please contact VNGS on or 0800 123 456. If misleading, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate information is brought to our attention, a reasonable effort will be made to fix or remove it.

Valid Customer:

In accepting these terms and conditions, and creating a login and account, you agree that you are a valid customer and are the authority on the account in question.


Information displayed is confidential both to you as the customer and to VNGS. As a customer you agree not to display, replicate or disseminate to any unauthorised person. Furthermore the login and password online are valid to you and any other party that has authority on the account.

With respect to your login and password, you will:

  • - reasonably safeguard your login and password;
  • - not allow someone to observe you entering your password;
  • - not write them down, record or store them anywhere in written or electronic form
  • - choose passwords that are unique and not the same as or similar to passwords used for any other services you may use.
  • - not disclose or allow your passwords to become known to anyone else unless they are a registered authority on the account (including family or those in apparent authority such as the Police, or VNGS staff);

If you believe for any reason that your password could be known by someone else, or if you discover any unauthorised use of your Login and/or password has taken place, you must change your password immediately, then contact us on 0800 123 456

Please note: There is no legitimate reason to disclose your Passwords to anyone, including VNGS staff, Police, etc. If anyone from VNGS or claiming to be from VNGS asks for this information, you should refuse to disclose your passwords and let us know immediately by calling us on 0800 123 456.

Links to Third Party Information:

The documents, information and links on this Online Portal may be provided or contain information from third parties. VNGS does not control this information and is not responsible for the content included in them, including without limitation any subsequent web links or related documents contained therein.

Disclaimer of Reliability:

VNGS makes no representations or warranties regarding the condition or functionality of this Online Portal, its suitability for use, or that this service will be uninterrupted or error-free.

Disclaimer of Damages:

By using the VNGS Online Portal, you assume all risks associated with the use of this site including any risk to your computer, software or data being damaged by any virus, software, or any other file that might be transmitted or activated via the VNGS Online Portal or your access to it. VNGS shall not be liable for any damages of any kind (general, special, incidental or consequential damages, including, without limitation, lost revenues or lost profits) resulting from the use or misuse of the information contained in the VNGS Online Portal.

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